SSC Result Chittagong Board 2024 Marksheet with Number

SSC Result Chittagong Board 2024 is published very soon. The students under Chittagong Board are getting to know their SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board from here. The SSC Result CTG Board has been quite good, the passing rate is appreciable. Also a good number of students have got GPA-5 this year; 11 thousands.

Today, the candidates are getting to collect SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board Marksheet with Number. There are five districts under Chittagong Board. The students of 960 high schools have finished the SSC exam. Today all of them are going to know their obtained Grade point. To get your individual SSC Result BISE Chattogram, please follow the instructions-

SSC Result Chittagong Board 2024

Along with other education boards, Chittagong Board has announced the SSC Result. From 11 AM, the result is live and each student is getting to know his obtained grade. One student studies two years for this result. So everyone expects to get a good GPA on their marksheet.

You can collect your SSC Result Chittagong Board 2024 marksheet by the official website portal. The CTG Board has their own portal to publish CTG Board SSC Result. But also the govt. portal is publishing the results for the candidates. So you will visit the official portal to collect your marksheet.

SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board

While we talk about Education board chittagong ssc result, the students are being anxious about their grades. Student’s main focus remains on the obtained GPA. A lot of students are hoping to see a GPA-5 in the SSC Result Chittagong Board. But the result is already fixed, students are going to know their performance results in the SSC Exam.

Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban are the districts under Chittagong Board. There are total of 1280 institutions and among them 960 are high schools.

This year, one lakh and 50 thousands students have finished the exam. Among them, 80% have successfully secured the passing marks. 11 thousands students got GPA-5 in the SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board.

SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board Marksheet with Number

You are able to download SSC Result Chittagong Board marksheet. You will require to enter SSC Roll and registration number in the empty box to get your results.

Some students ask to know if it is possible to check SSC Result BISE Chattogram without registration number. To inform you, it is possible to find out results without the registration number. That means you can get your results with only your SSC Roll number.

The chittagong board ssc result passing rate is increased this year. Previous year, it was 78%. But the total GPA-5 number is decreased. Science students have the most number of GPA-5 (over nine thousands).

SSC Result BISE Chattogram

The authority of Chittagong Board publishes the SSC Result Chittagong Board through their own website. The website portal is You don’t need to enter your registration number. It is a good thing for the students, many times they forget their registration number.

See how you will collect your marksheet-

  • Go to the result portal
  • You just need to enter your roll number
  • Then submit and you will find out your results

This is not the only way to know SSC Result BISE Chattogram. There is another online method to collect marksheet. Moreover, there is also SMS method. Students can know their SSC Result CTG Board by sending SMS. SSC Result

The students had to wait two months for knowing their CTG Board SSC Result. The officially announcement has been done at 11 AM. The announcement was for publishing the SSC Result Chittagong Board. Now, you can collect your SSC Result marksheet by here.

  • Visit eboardresults com
  • Select ‘Individual Result’
  • Enter your Registration number and roll number
  • Then submit and get the marksheet

You will get your SSC Result Chittagong Board Full Marksheet Download. Then you can print it and keep it to you. But in case you don’t have internet access, then what would you do? You will know your Education board chittagong ssc result by SMS method. Lets show you-

SSC Result CTG Board 2024

There are many hilly areas under Chittagong Board. So, it is normal that these people rarely use internet. These students can simply know their SSC Result CTG Board by sending SMS. Though the SMS charge costs, this is the easiest method to know chittagong board SSC Result.

The SMS method is-

  • Open SMS option and go for new message
  • You have to type the SMS
  • Follow the format – SSC CHI Your Roll 2024
  • Then you will send the message to 16222

Don’t type the full name of the board- Chittagong, instead of that, type only the first three letters- CHI. Make sure your SIM has balance for the SMS cost. You will get a replied SMS which will present your SSC Result Chittagong Board.

CTG Board SSC Result

This year, one lakh and 50 thousands students have participated in the SSC exam. This number is large comparing with other boards. Among them, 52852 male and 67367 female students have passed CTG Board SSC Result. Although many students have failed still this passing rate is enough in the context of our country. The board chairman Prof. Mustafa Kamal has appreciated the results and encouraged students to get better results.

Final Words: Today the result is revealed. The students who have best scores will get scholarship. The scholarship result will be released very soon. Visit our website to get the scholarship results.

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