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HSC Result 2018 Check Now. www.eboardresults.com – Web-based Result Publication system for Education Boards is the Official Website of Education Board Bangladesh. It is the official Result Check portals who provide All Education Board Results with various systems. Before few years, www.educationboardresults.gov.bd was the official Website. But, currently, both are the official Website of Education Board Results, Bangladesh. Both Official Result check portal publishes the Result on the same date and same times. Sometimes the time may change from each other. Imagine, you are here to Check HSC Exam Result 2018 with Full Marksheet. Here, Full Mark Sheet means Number wise Marksheet. You can’t get it on www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. But, you can check it from www.eboardresults.com. Here is the details information about Result check system.

About www.eboardresults.com:

HSC Result 2018 will available on eboardresults.com. The Domain Name eboardresults.com registered on 14th August 2016 by Nixtech Systems. Before using it as Official Website of Education Board Bangladesh, It used as Dhaka Education Board Internal Result Portal. Those times, Education Board Official Website was taken down for traffic pressure. To solve the problem, eboardresults.com launched as alternative Result check system of Education Board Bangladesh. The first time, It published JSC Result. Currently, it updated with multiple Category for checking the Result. All systems are available in Result type category. You will get details about the system in the below.

www.eboardresults.com/app Info:

Eboardresults.com/app is the Homepage (Sticky Page) of eboardresults.com. It will publish the HSC Result 2018 online with Full Mark Sheet. While a user/Visitor visit the Website, automatically redirect to /app. On this page, you will see these Categories:

  • SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  • Result Analytics for Board
  • Result Analytics for Institution
  • User Guide (Pictorial)
  • Bandwidth Usage (Last Result)
  • Result Access Report (Last Result)

The entire above Category linked to the different page. Imagine, you clicked on the First Link (SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result), you will redirect to the Result check page. So, you can click on the different category link to get details about Link title. You will show the below Page after Visiting www.eboardresults.com.

www.eboardresults.com SSC Result 2018

HSC Result 2018 Check Online:

How to check HSC Result 2018 from Online? Every people can check the HSC Exam Result online. When the Result publishes, it will available Online First. So the users will get the Result online. Online Result check system will ask you some data. Education Board Name, HSC Roll Number, Registration Number, and Year are compulsory. So, keep ready this information before going to check the Result online. Education Board Bangladesh Official Website will publish the Result. Two official Web sites are available to check the HSC Result 2018 Online. One is educationboardresults.gov.bd and another is eboardresults.com.

HSC Result 2018 Check Online

Check HSC Full Marksheet from www.hscresult2018.online

Educationboardresults.gov.bd is the Official Website of Education Board Bangladesh. It publishes the result of all public examination. So, you will be eligible to check all board result from this portal. It publishes the result at the right time. So, visit this site and check your Result fast. It will ask your Examination, Year, Board, Roll, and Registration number. Just type/select all information correctly. Then type the math answer (Security code) and then click on the submit button. Then, you will get your Result on the screen.

Result Website is Loading……… Please Wait

Search Again

You can also check your HSC Result 2018 from Education board alternative website www.eboardresults.com. It is a new web server of Education Board Results in Bangladesh. It established in 2016. Currently, it is a popular Result check portal which publishes result via various processes. Individual Result, Institution Result, Centre Result, and District Result are available on this portal. So, a people can check the SSC Result with any process he/she may like. You can click on the above link (URL) to get more data about the official result portal.

SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result –  www.eboardresults.com:

It is the main section of the Site. All Board Exam Results are available in this section. So, the people will get their Result from the Link. After visiting eboardresults.com, you will see the SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result Link on the Top of Body. Then click on this link. You will redirect to the Result check page. If you want to check a Result, Just click on the Link now. Here are detail information for checking the Result.

www.eboardresults.com Individual Result:

What is Individual Result? Individual Result means Result by Examinee. An Examinee or guardian can check Exam Result Individually by providing examinee Roll Number & Registration Number. Individual Result will publish your details Result. Details Result means Number wise Marksheet. The Examinee will get their Subject wise Marks. They will get their Creative question, MCQ, and Practical total Marks and Obtained Marks. For a single Result, Just follow the below instruction and Check your result.

  1. Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  2. Examination: Select Examination Name
  3. Year: Select your Exam Year
  4. Board: Select Education Board Name
  5. Result Type: Individual Result
  6. Roll: type your Roll Number
  7. Registration: Type your Registration Number
  8. Security Key: Type the Security Key in the box
  9. Click Get Result button

By following the above systems, you will get your Exam Result with Details Marks. You can keep the Registration Number blank. But, Registration Number must require getting the Number wise Mark sheet.

www.eboardresults.com Institution Result:

Institution Result means Whole Institute Exam Result for Education Board Bangladesh. With this system, people will get their Full Result sheet in a few Seconds. Just need the EIIN Number only. Here, EIIN mean Educational Institute Identity Number. It is a Unique Number which powered by Ministry of Education and Education Board Bangladesh. You can easily get your Full Institute (School/College) Result Sheet by EIIN Number. Just follow the below steps and get your Results today. Just follow the below instruction and Check your result.

  1. Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  2. Select Examination Name
  3. Passing Year Selection require
  4. Select Education Board Name
  5. Result Type: Institution Result
  6. EIIN: Type your Institute EIIN Number
  7. Security Key: Type the Security Key in the box
  8. Click Get Result button

By following these instructions, you will get your Institution result. If you don’t have the EIIN Number of your Institute, You can get it by clicking on Tree or List button.

www.eboardresults.com Centre Result:

Centre Result feature is available on eboardresults.com. All the people can Download Full Exam Center Result from this Section. The people who are looking for Centre wise Exam Result, This section is for them. We are providing here step by step Guides to complete the Result check. Centre Wise Result will ask some data from you. You need to provide this information’s to get the Centre Result. Now follow the below guides. After following, you will get your Centre Result shortly.

  1. Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  2. Select Examination Name
  3. Year Selection require
  4. Select Education Board Name
  5. Result Type: Centre Result
  6. District: Select District Name
  7. Centre: Select Exam Centre (Centre will Mark as A, B, C for the same Location & Centre Code is also available)
  8. Security Key: Type the Security Key in the box
  9. Click Get Result and see your Centre wise Result.

Then you will see the Result of summery. The Result will available with Print button, and PDF Version. The PDF Version of Centre wise Result is available for Download. Just Click on the Download Result (PDF) from the Top section and Download the Result shortly. Please be noted that you will see the Result summery that means Institute Name, Total Examinee Count, Total Passed, not Passed and GPA 5. If you want to get details Result for a Specific Institute, You can follow the Institution Result section.

www.eboardresults.com District Result:

District wise Education Board Result Check system is also available on eboardresults.com. All the People and also DC of an entire District can check Full District Exam Result instant via this system. Under this system, No extra information required. Just common selection requires. But, only Result in summery will available in this section. It is not possible to get Full/Detail Result of a whole District. Just follow the below guideline and check your District Result.

  1. First Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result button
  2. Examination Name selection
  3. Select Exam Year
  4. Education Board Name Selection require
  5. Result Type: District Result
  6. District: Select District Name
  7. Type the Security key
  8. Click Get Result and see your Result

By following the above system, you will see your Full District Result. Result sheet will design with Institute Code & Institute Name, Passed Examinee count, Not Passed Examinee Count (If available), GPA 5 Count (If Available). You can print the Result sheet directly from Print menu. PDF Result sheet is available for Download.

HSC Result 2018 of Bangladesh is the largest public Exam.  HSC Full Meaning is Higher Secondary School Certificate. After completing the Class 10 Study, Examinee attends on the HSC Exam. This year (2018) HSC Exam has started on 1st February 2018 under 10 Education Board. The Result publishes date isn’t published yet. The Ministry of Education will announce the date very soon. Last year HSC Result Published on 23 July. We hope this year Result will also publish on the Same Week. After publishing the Result, You will get your HSC Result Online. Mobile SMS & Android App is also available for checking HSC Exam Result. Just read the below details. We hope you can check your result fast from this site.

HSC Result 2018 Publish Date:

Do you know about HSC Result 2018 Publish Date? When will the HSC Result publish? Currently, people are asking this question. Every year HSC Exam Result publishes within 90 Days from starting the Exam. Another system is after 60 Days after completing the exam. The Ministry of Education, Bangladesh will arrange a press conference. On the Press Conference, The Minister will announce the date of HSC Result. Media will broadcast the news. You will get the news on Television, Radio, Print Newspaper, and Online Newspaper.

HSC Result 2018 by SMS:

SMS based Education Board Result publishes at the same time off online. So, the HSC Result 2018 can check by SMS at the right time. When the HSC Result will publish, you can check it by Mobile SMS system. It is not free. Every SMS you will send to check the Result, you will charge 2.44 TK from your Mobile balance. Every Mobile Phone & Every Operator are eligible to send a message. Mobile SMS system is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. Teletalk manages the system carefully. They only provide results after publishing it online. Here is the official Mobile SMS Format for HSC Result 2018.

HSC <space> Board <space> Roll <space> Year

First, go to your Mobile message option. Then type HSC and give a space. Then type the 1st three letters of your Education Board Name. Again give a space and type your HSC Roll number. Give another space and type 2018. 2018 is your HSC Exam year & passing year. Imagine, your Education Board Name is Dinajpur. You need using DIN. So, keep ready the first three letters of your Education board name. After completing the Message, send it to 16222. Send the message right time when the HSC Result 2018 will publish. You will receive a message from 16222. The message will carry your requested result.

If you send the message earlier, you will receive your result earlier. So, send the message within 1 minute from result publishes. Here are some instructions you need to follow: Don’t send the message before publishing the Result online. You won’t receive your result for this. Make sure that you have enough balance in your Account. Every SMS will charge BDT 2.44. Emergency balance won’t use to send message 16222. Only the main account balance requires. Sometimes the incoming message takes several times.

HSC Result 2018 by Android App:

At presents, too many people are using Smartphone. Most of the people are using internet service on their Smartphone. So, these advance people can check their HSC Result 2018 easily. They can use Android App to check the Result. Here you will get details about How to check HSC Result 2018 by Android App. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited made an Android app. If you have visited education board result official website, you may see an Android app link in the footer. You can see it now by visiting educationboardresults.gov.bd. It’s available with a caption Public Result on Android. It’s completely free. So, let’s install the App on your Android. The App name is BD Results (Official).

Just click on the Footer Link (Google Play icon). Then you will redirect to Google Play store. If you have the Play Store App, the link will open on that. Just click the install button. It will start processing. The system will download & Install the app automatically. You just need to have a Gmail Account to complete these. Without Google ID, you can’t access Play store. You can also download the Apk version of the App from open source. Because of, it is a public App; you will get it everywhere (Free). So, collect the BD Results (official) app from anywhere. Then, install it on your smartphone.

Now, all ok! You are now eligible to check HSC Result 2018 by SMS. Just wait for publishing result online. If the result published, open the App. Data connection must require. Then select examination name, Board name, & year. Type your HSC Roll Number & Registration number. Here, your Examination is HSC/Alim. HSC year is 2018. Finally, click the submit button & get your Result. It’s Free of charge. You can check another result from search again button.

HSC Result 2018 by Teletalk:

Some people think that Teletalk publishes the result faster from others. But, there is no extra system available for Teletalk users. So, Teletalk users will get their result via the above system. If you are a Teletalk user, you can check your HSC Result 2018 by Online, SMS & Android App. All the Result check system is powered by Teletalk. They didn’t keep any extra system for their users. Teletalk users will get extra benefits while they will apply for Result Re-Scrutiny. Other operator users can’t apply for Result Re-Scrutiny program without Teletalk number. So, follow the above Result check System and check your HSC Result Fast.

HSC Result 2018 with Full Marksheet:

The HSC Candidate can check their Full Marksheet easily from eboardresults.  We have already written a post about Mark sheet download system. But, here we are also providing HSC Result Full Marksheet 2018. When the HSC result publishes, you can check your Full Mark sheet. Here Full Mark sheet means Number wise HSC Marksheet 2018. How many numbers (marks) you have got on a subject. Total Marks, Theory Marks, Objective (MCQ) Marks, and Practical Marks can check. Education Board published the Full mark sheet first on last year. It’s a fantastic system of Education Board. All of the people are happy to see this.

Now we’ll give you a basic concept. By following these steps, you will get your Full HSC Mark Sheet 2018. You may know that Every Education board has an official website. Most of the Education Board publishes their Internal result on their official Website. Though, the Result can check with education board official results portal. So, you can easily check your details result from your own Education Board website. Imagine, you are an HSC Candidate under Barisal Board. You can check your Full Mark Sheet from Barisal Education Board Website. First, Visit Barisal Board Website. Then you will see a Result check box on the home page. The Result box marked as HSC – 2018 Result Search (Marks). Just type your HSC Roll Number, Registration Number, and Center code. The year will select 2018 by default. You can’t change the year.

You can check All Board HSC Result Full Mark sheet 2018 easily. Just visit www.eboardresults.com and check Individual Result. Individual Result details info with step by step guides are available on the link. We hope you will get your HSC Full Marksheet 2018 easily from the selected URL.

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